4 Homeowner Tip to Help You Get Your Windows Ready For Summer


Summer is almost here! Just as you need to get your yard, your pool, and the inside of your home ready for summer, your windows need some preparation too. Here are some tips to get your windows ready for the hot weather.

Clean the glass
Over the winter, a lot of dirt and debris can build up on your residential windows. The dirt can break down the surface of even the best windows and cause them to prematurely age. In the spring, you should thoroughly clean your windows with soap, water, and window cleaner. This will not only make your home windows look so much better, but it will make them last longer too. Don’t forget to clean both sides of your windows, too.

Check the weather stripping
Weather stripping is the material between the sash and the pane of the windows. The stripping seals the windows so leakage does not occur. This feature is one of the first to start deteriorating, so it’s important to check its quality. If the stripping is wearing down, it can let hot, humid air into your home. This can potentially cause your energy bill to go up because you’ll be running your AC a lot more.

Check the caulking
Caulking is very similar to weather stripping in that it seals the windows; it just does so in different areas. It forms a barrier in the spaces between your windows and the exterior walls of your home. This can also deteriorate over time. Bad caulk will let the hot summer air in, impacting your energy bills, just like weather stripping. While you’re checking for air leaks, you also want to look for water leaks. Your stripping or caulk may have big enough gaps to allow water to enter your home.

Check the hardware
Finally, you want to check out the hardware of your windows. You want to make sure they open, close, and lock safely and efficiently. This is especially important for fire safety reasons. Replace malfunctioning hardware if it’s not allowing you to open the windows well. Sometimes, lubricating the moving parts is enough to keep things in motion for another season.

The average replacement cost for one window is between $300 and $700. Now, imagine the costs of replacing every window in your home. If you practice these maintenance tips, you will not have to replace your windows nearly as often. New windows will, though, give you better quality and efficiency so you can enjoy your summer even more!

3 Ways New Windows Will Put Money Back In Your Wallet

Your windows are getting old, and it’s time to replace them. You may be hesitant because it is a rather large investment, but it really is worth it. If you are suffering from new window price sticker shock, then here are some ways that new windows can put money back in your wallet and benefit you greatly.

You’ll save on energy bills

Old, drafty windows can let a lot of air in and out of them. For example, when you’re running your heat in the winter, a lot of that warm air is going right outside through your old windows. This can significantly raise your energy bills. According to Energy Star, you can save $125-$465 a year on energy bills when you replace single-pane windows and $27-$111 a year when you replace double-pane windows. On average, you can expect to save anywhere between 25% and 52% on your energy bills every month when you replace your home windows.

There’s a tax credit for replacement windows

In order to create an incentive for homeowners to be more energy efficient, the federal government offers a tax credit for replacement windows. The credits come in the form of deductibles when you file your annual income taxes. The tax credit is usually around 10% of what it cost to replace the windows. You can get anywhere up to $200 for getting new, energy efficient windows.

They boost the value of your home

Last but not least, getting new windows will increase the value of your home. Home buyers love to see new windows because it seems cost savings on energy bills. According to CNBC and ISoldMyHouse.com, replacement windows have about an 85% return on investment (ROI). So, if you spend $10,000 to replace your windows, you can expect to see the value of your home raise by about $8,500.

You can expect your new windows to last up to 20 years or more when you buy high-quality windows and maintain them properly. So, not only will your new window save you money in energy bills, tax credits, and home value, they will last a long time. For more information on replacement windows, tax credits, and more, contact us today!