4 Common Causes Of Window Damage


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High quality windows that are properly maintained can last for 20 years or more. While every homeowner wants to get the most out of their residential windows, there always comes a point when it is time to order replacements. As time goes on, you will likely see one or multiple of the following types of damage. If you happen to spot any of these, be sure to call window installers as soon as possible for replacement.

    1. Poor Installation: Sometimes windows were not installed properly to begin with, causing them to sit incorrectly. This structural issue causes leaks, stress, and cracks in the frame. The best windows will be secured and sealed tightly to ensure that they are doing their job.
    2. General Wear And Tear: Time is also a factor to consider. A window’s structure simply wears down over the years. If you notice that your windows just aren’t holding up to the elements anymore, it is time to order replacement windows.
    3. Weather: Especially if you live in an area that is prone to high winds or cold temperatures, your windows are more at risk for damage. High winds can cause debris and other objects to hit your windows repeatedly, potentially causing the glass and frame to break or crack. Cold temperatures may cause ice to form around your windows, causing the frame to expand. When the ice thaws, you may notice more cracks.
    4. Rotting: Wooden window frames are especially at risk for rotting due to water damage and termites. If this seems to be the problem, consider hiring a professional to inspect the rest of your home for similar damage. Vinyl replacement windows may be your best option if you are repeatedly battling rot.

Remember: It is always best to hire professional window installers to perform your new installation. Trying to do the project yourself may result in improper installation, causing the above issues to repeat themselves more quickly. It is also important to ask the window professional about proper maintenance. With the right attention and care, you can keep your windows serving you for as long as time will allow.