4 Reasons It Could Be Time To Replace Your Windows


Has your home or business become draftier lately? Or is your air conditioning feeling the burn of its constant use?

Outdated windows could be the culprit. Replacing windows can seem like a daunting task, but it’s undeniably an important one. Business and home windows are a valuable asset to any owner.

From aesthetics to energy efficiency, replacement windows can add significant value to your home or business. Here are some reasons that window replacement might provide more bang for your buck than you originally thought:

Save Money

Energy bill running high? Replacement windows could be the solution. Newer windows can cut down on your heating bill as older windows can increase your energy bill by 10% or more. There are plenty of window installers who can provide windows that can cut down on your heating bill.

High ROI

Nearly two-thirds of homeowners have plans for home renovation, so replacement windows could be a practical (and easy!) way to increase the value and aesthetic of your home. Instead of spending thousands on a new project, replacement windows on average costs a more moderate $300 to $700 per window. Though those other projects might seem appealing, replacement windows could be the fastest way to save money in the long run and increase your home value.

Outdated Look

Window companies often suggest that after 15 years it might be time to replace windows and perhaps even upgrade. However, energy efficiency isn’t the only reason for window replacement. Sagging or unsightly windows could be bringing down the overall value of your home.

Improve The Light

Beyond just home value and efficiency, homeowners may be looking out their windows more often than they think. Roughly 15% of wall space is often taken up by windows in a home. Since that precious wall space is going to be used by windows regardless, replacement windows may help that space be used to the greatest advantage.

If you’re experiencing any of these concerns, it may be time to replace windows in your home or business. Replacement windows in a home or business can keep money in your pocket whether you’re looking to save money on bills or seeking to sell your property in the future.