5 Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced


Windows are the soul to your house. They are essential for ventilation and natural lighting and are a great aesthetic addition to your home. However, they don’t last forever. But exactly how do you know when it’s time to call a window company Chicago and have your windows replaced? Today, we give you 5 signs you should use:

  1. Check your bills: Have you noticed your energy bills going up? The problem could be your windows. Pick a cold day and stand next to your window. If you feel a small breeze coming from your window, your windows are likely causing high energy bills. Residential windows are especially notorious with this since most homes are at least twenty years old. Drafty windows let heat escape and increase your energy bills by 10 to 25% depending on how drafty they are.

    Another way to check drafty home windows is to hold a burning candle or incense stick next to the frame. Move it around to each corner of the window. If you notice flickering or smoke moving, you need to call commercial window installers to replace them. Faulty windows will cause your bills to rise and fall with the changing seasons.
  2. Physcial damage: Sometimes, damaged windows may need repairs rather than complete replacement. If the damage is minor, window companies in Chicago will handle the problem for you. However, a broken, damaged, or warped window is better off replaced than repaired. The windows may still be operational, but they can develop additional problems down the line.

    To check if your windows are damaged, warped, or broken, check if they fog up or whether if are drafty. If you notice any of these problems, its time to call window companies in Chicago for a replacement.
  3. Your home needs a face-lift: Your windows are the most prominent feature of a home. Old windows will make your home look worn-out and shabby no matter how great it is on the inside. If the color is fading away or the material is warping, you need home window replacement.
  4. You live in a harsh weather zone: Do you live in hurricane impact zone or areas prone to harsh weather conditions? You are going to have to prepare for possible damage that may occur to your home. Checking your windows after every storm, big or small, to make sure they are still in perfect condition is vital. Also, if you live along the coast, your windows may be susceptible to damage caused by sea salt. Ask window companies in Chicago how to mitigate this and how to protect your windows during storms. A good idea is to use Ultrex fiberglass, which can withstand the humidity, coastal winds, and effects of sea salt.
  5. Too much noise is coming in:
    When you are at home, you want peace and quiet to calm your thoughts and relax after work. When your windows let in noise from outside, they interfere with your relaxation time, and it’s time for them to go. To find out if your single-pane or double-pane windows need replacement, stand close to your window and wait for a passing car. If your windows transfer the vibration to the house, it’s time to replace them.

A qualified window company will help you get the best windows for your area and high-quality windows that will last you a long time — give Best Indows Inc. a call today.