How to Avoid High Pressure Sales Tactics When Hiring a Contractor


Home construction and remodeling projects are exciting for homeowners, but they also involve a significant investment. This combination makes it easy to fall prey to high-pressure sales tactics, and all the more important not to become a victim. Hire a contracting company that is respectful, transparent, and engaged in the process for the best results.

Look for Red Flags

Homeowners should be on alert for the following red flags, which can indicate high-pressure tactics.

– A contractor may try to get a homeowner to sign a contract immediately without allowing time to research and consider options. A common method involves offering a discount for a very short period without allowing consumers time to consider the contract.

– A contractor may fail to provide a detailed estimate for a project, leaving the full price undisclosed. A reputable contractor will always provide a detailed estimate that includes the final price for both labor and materials.

– Up front payment in full and in cash is another red flag. Ideally, a contractor might ask for a deposit and percentage of the job up front with the balance paid at completion.

Taking time to research contractor references and work history is an important step in the hiring process. This effort should also help ensure a positive outcome.