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3 Benefits of Buying Replacement Windows Instead of Repairing Old Windows

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Replacing your windows might not be at the top of your to-do list. In fact, you might think it’s even more cost-effective to simply repair any problems you might have. But you may just end up causing yourself more trouble.

If you find that your windows look old, foggy, or even cracked, it’s time to get rid of the old and replace them with new home windows. Along with making your house look better, there actually a few other benefits to replacing your home windows. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

Buying new windows make seem very expensive at first. Unfortunately, that’s true. In fact, replacing a window costs between $300 and $700 per window on average. But after only one year of having the replacement home windows, you’re actually helping yourself save some money. Older windows can actually cost your home about 30% in heat loss. Newer windows are now more energy efficient and are designed to specifically help you save money. The newer windows are perfect for the times of the year when it gets a little cooler outside, as you won’t be losing heat or using as much.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

Since you are the person that has to live in your own home, it’s important you feel as comfortable as possible. New windows can help make that happen. The windows will allow more natural light into your home, keep more heat in, and look better. Some windows might even offer UV protection, which is key if you have any furniture or home decor located near the window. The UV rays will not be able to ruin any items in your home.

Your Home’s Value Will Increase

Even if you don’t plan on moving out of your current house now, you might think about it in the future. When it comes time to what your house looks like, installing new windows can really help boost your home’s value. People will see the new windows and will be more willing to pay for them. Plus, even if you don’t decide to move out of your house ever, at least you’ll have some nice new windows to come home to every day.

Replacing your windows can help cut back on your energy bills, make you more comfortable, and even increase your home’s value! For all of your window replacement needs, contact Best Windows Inc. today.

4 Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows This Year

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Windows are a very crucial element to any home. They keep out the elements, provide natural sunlight, and allow great views to the outside world. Windows typically last a very long time, but they certainly do not last forever.

Home windows that are of high quality and are properly maintained can last up to 20 years longer than other windows, depending on the material. Even so, residential windows need to be properly taken care of in order to protect the home. Once a window has seen its last day, it is important to think about residential window installation to replace them. Of course, unless you’re a professional window contractor, you may not realize when that day finally arrives.

To help you out, here are four warning signs that your home’s windows need to be replaced, and soon!

Your Energy Bills Are Too High

Energy usage is one of the first indicators that something is wrong with your windows. When you are paying significantly more for your heating and cooling bills, air is probably leaking through your windows. Energy efficiency technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, so older windows may not contain the proper technology to retain efficiency for long periods of time.

Your Windows Leak

When it rains, you hope that your windows are keeping the water outside. If you notice that water is leaking into your house through your windows, something obviously isn’t right. Either your windows are not sealed properly, or they were improperly installed. Either way, when they leak, they need to be replaced.

Your Windows Are Broken or Damaged

This one may seem pretty obvious, but it is still important. If your windows are damaged in any way, like a crack or warping occurs, then they are probably not functioning the way that they should be. Security as well as function can be compromised when your windows are broken, chipped, or cracked. Make sure to replace broken windows right away.

They Won’t Open or Close Properly

This one ties in with the last section. Improper sealing or installation can cause a window not to seat right. If a window does not open or close well, it will probably leak and cause other problems. However, there is one important caveat!

In colder climates, such as here in Chicago, it’s not uncommon for older homes to swell or settle when the temperature changes. As a result, home windows in Chicago may get stuck during the depths of winter. However, if your home’s windows are still difficult to open or close no matter the season, then it’s time for new windows.

If you are experiencing any of these window problems, contact us today for residential window installation and replacement in Chicago.

3 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home With New Windows and More

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If you are planning to put your home on the market any time soon, then you want to make sure that you will be getting the most money possible for your home. For homeowners who play to spend money to make money, there are a variety of renovation projects that offer a reliable ROI when the time comes to list the house for sale. Here are just a few, given to us by Consumer Reports.

Updating the kitchen is one of the best things you can do to boost the value of a home. Buyers and sellers alike love to have a luxury, functional, and modern kitchen. Today, that means a kitchen decked out with appliances and fixtures. A modern kitchen should also have optimal counter and storage space. People want to have plenty of space to cook and prepare for meals. They also want to have copious amounts of cupboard space so that they can store all of their tools, dishes, pots and pans, and more.

In addition to installing the right hardware, you should also consider the visual appeal of your kitchen. Small cosmetic updates like replacing faded wallpaper are both high impact and low cost. Paint the walls a nice, neutral color that allows the natural light to bounce off them. Painting cabinets can also make your kitchen pop. A modern color palate of neutral hues (think blue, charcoal, and steel) can give your kitchen the face lift it needs to make it irresistible to buyers.

An energy efficient home greatly appeals to modern home buyers, and one of the best ways to make sure your home is energy efficient is to replace your windows. Having the best windows starts with making sure they are energy efficient. Replacement windows also have a great return on investment (ROI). In fact, homeowners who used a window company to replace windows in their home saw an average 80% return on investment, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Open Floor Plan
Home owners are also obsessed with open floor plans right now. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy, either. Simply opening up a wall or placing a cased opening between your dining room and your kitchen can be just the right touch that buyers are looking for.

If you are looking to sell your home, remember to maximize its value before putting it on the market. Paint your kitchen or hire a window company to replace your windows, just be sure you’re considering both your budget and your potential return on investment.

Best Windows Offers Free Alarm System With Purchase Of 10 Windows

When your home has high-quality windows, you can save money on energy bills and feel more comfortable. In fact, drafty windows can let air escape and increase your energy bills by 10 to 25%. If you are feeling chilly this winter, it might be time to think about scheduling residential window replacement.

And Best Windows is here to help.

Our team is running a special offer for our customers. When you purchase 10 home windows, we will gift you a free alarm system worth a $700 value. By opting into this offer, you can protect your family with an alarm system while also keeping them comfortable.

Fast, Free, No Pressure
There is nothing quite like a fresh set of windows to upgrade your home, and Best Windows wants to give you the incentive to make this update. Why opt into this offer? There are plenty of reasons.

  • Security: A home alarm system can provide an extra layer of safety for you and your family, so you can rest easier. And with this offer, you can get $700 worth of security products for free.
  • Efficiency: Best Windows is committed to offering quick service for our customers, so you can expect a quick turnaround time when you purchase this offer.
  • Quality: Here at Best Windows, we strive to live up to our name.
    You can expect high-quality workmanship and products from us, relying on your windows for years to come.
  • Customer Service: Once you start working with us, you can expect exemplary customer service. Whether you are having trouble with your windows or simply have a question, we will be there to help you out.
  • Trust: Home windows is what we do. You can rely on us to get the job done right the first time and provide you with trustworthy products.

To take advantage of this offer today, contact us. We will get the process started right away and you can schedule your installation. Here at Best Windows, your comfort and security are our priorities, and this offer provides both. We look forward to working with you and your family.

5 Reasons To Schedule Double-Pane Window Installation Today

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As a homeowner, maintaining your house’s features is likely a top priority. By doing so, you can keep your family safe and comfortable all year long. So, when it comes time to give your residential windows a much-needed upgrade, you should strive for the best. For your next residential window replacement, you might consider double-pane windows. The following are just some of the reasons why this durable window option will serve you and your family.

  1. Energy Efficiency
    According to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, the average home will save 15% of their energy bill every year when installing double-pane windows in a 2,600 house. While single-pane windows tend to be leaky, the duel panes will seal in air more tightly.
  2. Noise Control
    Tired of your loud neighbors? Your home windows should act as a barrier between your home and noise. A second pane on your window can keep noise out of your home. And for privacy’s sake, these windows can also keep noise in.
  3. Safety
    When it comes to protecting your home from intruders, you want the best windows possible. Double-pane windows are more difficult to break through, keeping intruders out. While these windows do not replace a quality security system, they are a great supplement.
  4. Weather Protection
    This benefit is especially significant if you live in a hurricane or tornado zone. Stronger windows can help keep flying debris out of your home and are less likely to shatter on impact. They can also be useful during snow storms and rain.
  5. Durability
    Double-pane windows are highly durable, and are likely to last for years to come. Whether you are looking to get a high value for your purchase or to boost your home’s ROI, these features are certainly a wise investment. Just be sure to talk to your window company about maintenance best practices.

When looking to improve your home’s windows with residential window replacement, it pays to look into your options. Here at Best Windows, we are happy to assess your window needs and recommend the best product for you. By paying attention to details and accounting for all factors, you can make your home a more comfortable and safe place to be. This sense of security is priceless.

Winter Window Emergency? Installation Is Still Possible

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When your broken and leaky windows just aren’t keeping your home warm, it might feel like all hope is lost. Window installation is a warm weather job, right?

Think again.

Window companies can provide window installation services in the Winter; they will just need to take a different approach. Prompt window replacement will keep your home comfortable at last, protecting your family all season long.

How do window companies install windows when it is cold outside?
During the Spring and Summer, leaving a momentary opening in the side of your home might not be a big deal. In fact, it might actually be welcome. But in the Winter, professional window installers will take a different approach. The following are some of the best practices that companies will follow to keep your home as comfortable as possible during installation.

  • One At A Time: One of the best ways to prevent excess air leaks is to only replace one window at a time. Your professional will likely focus on installing one window as quickly as possible before moving on to the next.
  • Tarps And More Tarps: Your window professional will likely use plastic tarps and barriers to seal off any large openings in the side of your home. These will also be necessary to place on your floor, as workers can easily track mud and snow inside.
  • Closed Openings : Since there is a large opening where your new window will be, installers will keep all other doors and windows shut. This is important even when they are moving in and out of your home.
  • Low Temp Materials: Certain insulation foam and caulk are better suited for colder temperatures. Ask your window company if they have these materials and how you can best help them set in the cold.

By scheduling window installation services in the Winter, you can enjoy more open booking since this time of year is likely not as busy for window companies. You can also enjoy the benefits of brand new windows right away, keeping your home warm throughout this chilly season. About 45% of your energy bill goes toward heating, and it pays to optimize this energy all season long. Your new windows can do this.

For more information about Winter installation, contact Best Windows today. We are here to help make your window replacement as simple as possible.

Is Your Business Wasting Energy? Check For These Small Mistakes

commercial window installersYour commercial space is central to your business as a whole, and it quite literally pays to optimize your heat and electricity. Unfortunately, many business owners let small details slip, hiking costs and wasting energy. To tighten up your company’s energy use, check for the following mistakes.

Your thermostat is outdated
A low tech thermostat might not offer you full control over your commercial space’s temperature. Even if you operate in an old building, update your thermostat to a more high tech model. This may allow you to control temperature remotely and set up a timer to lower the heat during the night.

You need to replace your windows
Have you been putting off calling your window company? While your old, leaky windows might not seem like an urgent problem, they could be letting out more warm air than you think. And drafty windows can spike energy bills by 10% to 25%. Professional commercial window installers can assess your company’s needs and help you select the best new windows for your business.

You have the wrong type of windows
Even if your windows are new, they could be low quality. Some business owners will try to save money on cheaper models, only to make up for the savings in energy costs. Hire an inspector to determine whether you need commercial window replacement.

You don’t invest in maintenance
Do you wait until your heating system breaks to make improvements? You might be wasting more energy in the long run. Small tasks like having your filters changed can optimize your HVAC systems and keep your energy costs low.

You rely heavily on artificial lighting
Never underestimate the power of natural light. Not only has it been shown to improve employee mood, but it can also lower your electricity costs. Talk to your window installation company about which windows can let in the most natural light.

By making an effort to work with commercial window installers and perform maintenance on your HVAC systems, you can keep your energy costs as low as possible. This may leave you revenue to use elsewhere, creating a more lucrative organization overall. Just be sure to keep up with maintenance once you install your windows.

Is Window Condensation During The Winter Months Normal?

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With winter on the way, you may have noticed a surprising side effect on your windows: condensation. Homeowners often don’t think much of condensation because it’s a natural phenomenon we see all the time.

However, window condensation can be damaging to a home if it isn’t taken care of. Common housing damage that may be caused by interior humidity includes rotting foundation, deterioration of insulation, rotting wood, and peeling paint.

What causes window condensation?

Window condensation during colder weather is caused by excessive moisture in the home. Usually, this is the result of the interior of the home being much warmer than the exterior of the home. As a result, the warm air within the house condenses and beads on the windows as condensation.

However, when condensation forms on the outside of the window, it’s the result of the window being colder than the dew point resulting in the external air condensing against your glass.

When condensation appears between the window panes, it often means the seal between the window panes may be damaged. A saturated desiccant within the windows may be another cause.

What can be done about window condensation during cold weather?

You may want to consider getting a dehumidifier if the condensation on your windows is coming from the inside and not between the panels. In these cases, it’s the humidity in your home that’s the problem, not the condensation itself.

However, if you’re experiencing condensation between the window panes of your home there are a number of things you can try to fix the problem. These include:

  1. Clean the windows. Clean off your windows before assuming the fog on the glass is the result of condensation. The misted windows may be the result of cleaning product buildup rather than moisture.
  2. Window pane replacement. Should condensation be the cause of your misted windows, you may need to replace the glass units depending on the age of your residential windows.
  3. Replacement windows. If you can’t replace the glass units of your windows or the damage of the condensation goes beyond the glass units, you may need replacement windows. Replacement windows from a home window company are a good investment if your windows have been reaching their age limit. With proper maintenance, windows typically last up to 20 years.

Condensation buildup on your windows may be a sign of excessive interior humidity or a problem with your window panes. If you’re in need of a residential window installation and replacement, contact Best Windows Inc. today.

How The Right Windows Can Protect Your Commercial Space

commercial windowsAs a business owner, it is in your best interest to keep your commercial space structurally secure. And your commercial windows are certainly part of this equation. By choosing the best windows and maintaining them well, you can ensure protection for both your business and your customers. This allows these factors to work together to create your commercial success.

Protection For Your Business

  • Security Strength: By choosing the right window company to install your windows and pairing that with the best security system, you can prevent break ins and other crimes in your commercial space. This will protect your business assets and ensure the safety of employees and customers.
  • UV Protection: Quality windows can also prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your business space. This will keep your items from fading in color. This is especially important for stores, but it also applies to any business with decor.
  • Energy Saving: According to the Department of Energy, 45% of the average energy bill goes toward heat. Quality windows can seal in the air, preventing leaks. This will keep this percentage as low as possible and save you money.

Protection For Your Customers

  • Improved Comfort: While you are sealing in all of that air to lower your energy bills, you can also keep customers more comfortable. And when their body temperature is where they want it, they may be more inclined to spend more time at your business.
  • Increased Privacy: Just as residential windows provide a barrier between public and private, so can your commercial windows. In spaces like banks or medical buildings, tinted windows or proper window cover is critical to customer and patient privacy.
  • Weather Protection: In the event of a natural event or other emergency, you want your customers to feel protected within your business. Strong windows that can hold up to wind, rain, snow, and other elements are critical to keeping the indoors safe.

Remember that having the best windows possible all starts with proper window installation and maintenance. By choosing the right window company and then learning how to care for your windows, you can keep your commercial space as secure as possible. This will make the building a better place to be for you, your employees, and your customers.

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Commercial Window Companies And Installation

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When it comes to working with commercial window companies, many people are hesitant because they don’t fully understand how the process works. Part of this is due to the fact that there are so many misconceptions circulating about window installation services and commercial window installers. But being able to separate fact from fiction is a critical component of getting the biggest bang for your buck. Here are just a few common myths about commercial window installation.

The more I spend, the better quality windows I’ll get
The term ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely has some truth to it, but that statement – as well as the one above — is by no means absolute. In fact, on average, replacing a window costs between $300 and $700 per window, and there are a vast array of designs, styles, and other features that contribute to the overall quality as well as your objective opinion. So, throwing a bunch of money at commercial window companies isn’t necessarily the best route. Take your time to hear about the qualities and features of multiple options.

Commercial window replacement cannot be completed during the winter
This myth may seem like it has some logic to it, but it would only be feasible if window installations took a long time, which they don’t. The fact is, a commercial window replacement technician has sufficient experience and can properly handle any caliber of snow, wind, ice, and other elements. They’ll do all that they can to keep your commercial space protected and warm.

All commercial window companies are the same.
Finally, this is one of the most common myths surrounding the commercial window replacement industry. But it’s completely untrue — even though there are quite a few companies out there, each and every one of them are different in many ways, from the materials used to the professionalism of the specialists. Be vigilant in your search for a commercial window company, and take to the Internet as a first resource. Online reviews can speak volumes in determining the reputability of one company over another, as can their website. If you’re still uncertain, don’t hesitate to request a free consultation and examine the personal characteristics of your technician (knowledge, passion, dedication, etc.).

Ultimately, knowing the truth that hides behind these myths is the secret to satisfaction when it comes to commercial window installation.