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4 Reasons It Could Be Time To Replace Your Windows

Has your home or business become draftier lately? Or is your air conditioning feeling the burn of its constant use?

Outdated windows could be the culprit. Replacing windows can seem like a daunting task, but it’s undeniably an important one. Business and home windows are a valuable asset to any owner.

From aesthetics to energy efficiency, replacement windows can add significant value to your home or business. Here are some reasons that window replacement might provide more bang for your buck than you originally thought:

Save Money

Energy bill running high? Replacement windows could be the solution. Newer windows can cut down on your heating bill as older windows can increase your energy bill by 10% or more. There are plenty of window installers who can provide windows that can cut down on your heating bill.

High ROI

Nearly two-thirds of homeowners have plans for home renovation, so replacement windows could be a practical (and easy!) way to increase the value and aesthetic of your home. Instead of spending thousands on a new project, replacement windows on average costs a more moderate $300 to $700 per window. Though those other projects might seem appealing, replacement windows could be the fastest way to save money in the long run and increase your home value.

Outdated Look

Window companies often suggest that after 15 years it might be time to replace windows and perhaps even upgrade. However, energy efficiency isn’t the only reason for window replacement. Sagging or unsightly windows could be bringing down the overall value of your home.

Improve The Light

Beyond just home value and efficiency, homeowners may be looking out their windows more often than they think. Roughly 15% of wall space is often taken up by windows in a home. Since that precious wall space is going to be used by windows regardless, replacement windows may help that space be used to the greatest advantage.

If you’re experiencing any of these concerns, it may be time to replace windows in your home or business. Replacement windows in a home or business can keep money in your pocket whether you’re looking to save money on bills or seeking to sell your property in the future.

Everything You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

Roughly 30% of the average home’s heat is lost through poorly-insulated windows. And it’s not just a wintertime problem—during the summer, you’re losing energy as cool air escapes through the windows, making it necessary to run your air conditioner more.

With this being the case, the incentives to install windows and replace your old, inefficient ones are there. But so are a plethora of options for replacement windows. With so many choices, how it can be hard to know what to do.

If you’re ready to hire commercial window installers to install windows in your home, this guide can help you figure out what to do. Read on to learn what to look for in good windows.

What Makes Up a Good Window?

First of all, it’s good to know that practically any new window you find will be made with at least two panes of glass, which make up the glazing. Only windows made specifically for unheated buildings and areas, like garages and outbuildings, are likely to have just one pane of glass.

Two-pane glass, or insulated glass, has proven to be very helpful over the last few decades since it came into common use. By sandwiching the air between two separate, sealed panes, the insulative value of the glazing is increased several times over.

More recently, manufacturers have started sealing dense, insulating gases into windows between their panes, such as krypton and argon. This makes windows even more insulating than those that have plain air sealed inside them.

While on the assembly line, window glass is sometimes coated with films of a nearly invisible substance, such as Low-e metallic oxides, which can provide additional insulating properties—such as solar heat reduction or improved heat retention.

The sash holding the glazing also plays an important role in a window’s efficiency. Materials like fiberglass, wood, and vinyl (either hollow or insulated) provide very low heat conductance, thus reducing the transfer of temperatures from one side of the window to the other.

Improvements like these make replacement windows and new ones more energy-efficient than ever. And the improvements aren’t just measurable using special instruments and thermometers—just by sitting or standing next to a window, you can feel the difference.

Being next to a single-pane window can give you a noticeable chill, even if the house is technically quite warm. This is because your own body heat is radiating out through the window—the heat your body is generating literally gets sapped out of you! However, with energy-efficient glazing, the inner pane of glass is kept warmer—and this actually reflects your own heat back to you.

In addition to the above technical factors, another factor to look at when you’re ready to buy and install windows is the rating given to windows you’re considering.

The National Fenestration Rating Council rates certain manufacturer’s windows, taking into account things like air leakage, U-factor (which represents a window’s rate of heat loss), solar-heat-gain coefficient (the most heat gain possible from sunlight shining through that window), and visual transmittance (how much light the window allows in).

Labels like these, placed on new window packaging by the Council, can let you know what to expect from the window once you have it in your home. Besides telling you which windows are the most energy-efficient for the money, this information also helps you choose certain windows based on where in the house you need them. Different windows are designed to deal with different levels of heat and sunlight. Selecting each window will depend on where around your home sunlight is going to be at different times of the day.

Install Windows Right

Window installation is complicated. For good windows to provide the maximum energy efficiency, they have to be installed correctly. It won’t matter that your window is air-tight if there are cracks where your walls and windows meet.

Anyone who has lived in a very old house has seen how strong winds outside can cause the curtains to move because of leaky windows. This is an experience you don’t want to see after buying and installing new, state-of-the-art windows in your home.

Because of this, it’s very important that you don’t hire the first local contractor you find, unless they have verifiable experience with happy customers and the appropriate certification.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Window Companies

Windows are an important part of any building. Case in point, windows older than 15 years are likely to cause draftiness, creating huge energy bills. This reason is why it’s important to ensure that when construction is being undertaken, or even when replacement windows are being installed, you get the services of one of the best window companies. That way, you can have the peace of mind that quality work will be done and you will get the best.

Here are a few of the ways that you can find the best window companies so that you can rest easy.


One of the factors that would qualify a company into the list of the best window companies would be how their staff handles themselves when dealing with both residential and commercial clients as well as the quality of their workmanship. Professionalism is very important as it will impact confidence on you as a client that what you require done is well understood, and the company at hand has the capacity to handle it and even exceed the expectations. The window installation company should also be in a position to provide a guarantee on their workmanship and any product that they offer.

Local company

When dealing with the installation of windows, it is a good idea to work with a local company, because most companies tend to be attached to the local areas and as a result understand better the challenges specific to that area. As a result, the quality of work in such circumstances is much higher with a local company. Also, it is also much easier to get in touch with them should there be a need to make follow up on the job done.

Commitment to energy efficiency

Installation of windows or even the process of replacement does not come cheap. As a result, it is important to get value for the cash spent. One of the areas that home and business owners stand to gain big with a decent window installation job is the savings by having the windows being energy efficient. If done right and with energy efficient windows, there should be lowered costs of heating as well as cooling the building and this is a big plus. Therefore, when selecting among the best window companies, it is good to look for the one committed to being energy efficient.

The magnitude of the project

Various replacement windows projects vary on the basis of the scope of work. When looking for the best window companies to work with, it is important to understand the scope of your project to understand if the preferred company has the capacity to undertake the project. In most of the cases and where possible, it is a good idea to seek confirmation of the times the company has handled such projects as this is an important portfolio to indicate their experience. Whenever possible and before placing a commitment with a company it is recommended that you go through the magnitude of the project with a representative to further affirm of their capacity to handle it especially when it comes to commercial buildings.


With every project, the final cost is an item of importance and one that forms the basis for commencing and going forward with a project. With most of the windows companies, a free quotation will be done based on your requirement, and this is an ideal place to look at when looking for comparison on the best window companies based on their price and other factors such as project duration and the guarantee provided. On cost vinyl siding offer lower cost since it is 11% lower than cider and 26% lower than aluminum thus a great way to go.

It’s quite awarding to have to work with a great partner on any project especially when you feel that all is under control. As a result, taking time during the selection process to ensure that you get the right fit is an important step. With the above indicators, it should now be easier to select the best company to work with.

5 Reasons to Consider Installing Replacement Windows

There will eventually come a time in your home’s life when it’s time to replace the windows. Fortunately, you’re not alone. In fact, replacing windows is a pretty common occurrence, especially as buildings age. In this post, we will look at some of the most common reasons homeowners replace their windows.

Refreshing Your Home’s Look

Whether your home is old and the windows are falling apart or you just don’t like the way they look, freshening up your home’s appearance is a perfectly good reason for installing windows to replace your old ones. Installing replacement windows will not only give your home a more modern feel, it will allow you to choose exactly how you want them to look.

Investing in Energy Efficiency

When your windows are older, they may not be as energy efficient as you think. Older windows have a tendency to be drafty and let out that nice cool air your air conditioning pumps out. Not only does this make your home hotter, it makes your air conditioner work harder than it needs to. Replacing your windows could help you kiss those high energy bills goodbye!

Remodeling Your Home

If you decide to remodel your home, windows may be a big part of that decision. Your windows may be old, or they simply might not match the vision you have for your house. Want a big bay window to replace something you currently have? A remodel is the perfect time to perfect your home inside and out.

Securing Your Property

Whether you like it or not, windows are a part of your property security. If you have older windows that don’t quite lock right, they pose a big security risk to you and your family. Installing windows with more sophisticated and effective locking mechanisms can help increase the security of your home.

Correcting Severe Damage

Buildings are exposed to the elements every day. They’re designed to protect us from them, after all! But every now and again, your windows may sustain some more severe damage. Say a hailstorm hits and your windows are shattered, or something goes wrong with one of the frames. Events like these provide an excellent reason to replace your old windows with new ones.

Whether it’s replacing your vinyl siding — which costs 11% less than cedar siding — or getting new windows, make sure you’re taking care of your home. It protects you and your family, which means it’s your responsibility to assess how best to help it do just that for a long time to come.

Open The Window On New Savings

Have you been experiencing higher than average energy bills? Maybe there’s a draft that you’ve never been able to locate. If either of these statements is true you may be in the market for new windows, and not even know it! Commercial window installers are experts at being able to determine how to best improve energy efficiency should you ever need to replace business windows. There is any number of reasons which give merit to replacing the windows in a property. To replace business windows is probably more of an investment than home window replacement, however, the saving you see will make it worthwhile.

Energy efficient windows alone are probably not a good enough reason to go for a full blown window replacement or to replace business windows. To replace windows is an investment of finances and time in a property. Windows that are of quality and properly maintained can last 20 years OR LONGER depending upon construction materials.

Let Some Light In, But Keep The Cold Out

Windows are an access point into and out of any property. Drafty windows, for example, can increase an energy bill between 10 and 25 percent depending upon the amount of air allowed to escape. Dual-paned windows are around twice as effective at heat retention or air conditioning compared to single-paned windows.

Although investing in new windows can be a daunting expense, new windows might be a beneficial way to invest in a business property. Keeping the cold out or the warmth in is an important window aspect. Half of Americans that use natural gas for heating purposes report an average cost of $649; the Department of Energy also states that 45 percent of an energy bill is for heating. In general, 15 percent of an energy bill can be saved through window replacement for a 2,600 square foot space. Removing older double-paned windows switching to energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings account for this percentage according to the Efficient Windows Collaborative.

Businesses need to keep an eye on their finances. Every penny spent on needs to be seriously considered. However, choosing to replace business windows with a more energy efficient option can actually save money in the long run. As your business grows you may be looking for ways to invest back into your company. Consider creating a more energy efficient space in order to save money and save resources.

What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

Whether you’re in the market for new windows or you’re simply interested in testing the windows you already have, it’s important to have a bit of know-how when it comes to energy efficiency. What exactly makes a window more energy efficient? When you’re paying $300 to $700 per window installed, it’s good information to have. Keep reading to learn exactly what makes your windows energy efficient.


While glass alone won’t make a window energy efficient, the way glass is used in your windows can help a lot. For example, a single glass pane in a wooden window frame won’t do much at all to retain heat. Double- and triple-paned windows, on the other hand, have a much higher heat retention rate. But remember: the number of glass panes doesn’t necessarily determine energy efficiency. For the best results in your area, it’s best to consult the company that installed your windows.


Nearly all energy efficient windows have this feature in common. Warm spacers are designed specifically to reduce conductivity. They are what separate the glass panes within your windows, and are the most vulnerable places for heat loss during the colder months. Warm edge spacers are used primarily to prevent the loss of heat or cool air from your home. If you feel air leakage coming from a window that’s supposed to be energy-efficient, it’s likely there’s a glass or spacer issue within.


Certain types of energy efficient windows have what is called a glaze over the glass. This glaze, which is typically clear and can’t be seen with a naked eye, can actually help your windows be more energy efficient. If you want, you can also opt for tinted glazes. Ultimately, glazes help prevent sunlight from heating up your home and can prevent the transference of cold air, as well.

Determining whether windows are energy efficient or not is really a matter of knowledge. And now that you know these handy facts about your residential windows, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about them.

How Can Commercial Window Replacement Save Money for Your Business?

When almost 44% of renovation jobs are for doors and windows, it becomes necessary to ask yourself if it’s time to give your commercial windows an upgrade. Whether you’re fed up with high energy bills or it’s an aesthetic issue, the time has to come eventually.

Of course, one of the biggest detracting factors for commercial window replacement is cost. But in the long run, commercial window replacement can actually save you money. How? Keep reading to find out.

Lower Energy Expenses

This is the biggest benefit of replacing commercial windows. In most cases, a business will already have higher energy costs than the average home. You’re operating in a larger space and it needs to get heated. The lights need to turn on. But when you choose windows with insulated frames and energy-efficient glass, you’re making a solid investment in your financial future. Those windows will likely end up saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in energy expenses.

When you choose new, energy-efficient windows, you’re guaranteeing that there will be minimal loss of hot or cool air from your building. Less air loss means less time spent heating or cooling the building, which in turn will result in lower energy bills.

Less Window Maintenance

When you call in commercial window installers to replace your old windows, you can rest easy knowing there will be less maintenance involved. Older windows may require more frequent repairs and upkeep, especially if you’re forced to take DIY measures to prevent hot or cold air from escaping. Investing in new windows means investing in all new hardware. So whatever makeshift draft-proofing you were doing before can be thrown in the trash! With your new energy-efficient windows, the only maintenance you’ll need to do is give them a good cleaning every so often. Talk about a time saver.

The decision to replace your commercial windows can be an easy one to put off, especially if you’re stringent in your spending. But when you think of all the time, money, and effort you’ll save with new windows, it becomes apparent that it’s well worth the investment.

Are Your Windows Thieves?: How Replacement Windows Can Save You Money

Deficient, drafty windows can hike up your energy and heating bills, leaving you cold. Are your windows picking your pocket? Let’s find out.

When is it time to purchase replacement windows?

Now, probably. With myriad ways to slash your bills by upgrading your windows, it’s a no-brainer cost-saver.

How can new windows save you money?

They’re going to last. High-quality, well-maintained windows last for at least 20 years. Windows are not your smartphone; they won’t be obsolete next year.

They pay for themselves over time. On the front end, new windows will generally run you between $300 and $700 per window. On the back end, The National Association of Realtors estimates that homeowners who replace their windows will get back 80% of their investment. You may also be eligible for a tax credit for replacement windows.

How will new window installation affect my energy costs? Let us count the ways.

Drafty windows let in the chill and let out your cash; air escape can increase your energy bills by 10 to 25%.

The Department of Energy found that 45% of a typical energy bill goes toward heating. That’s a lot. Also, roughly half of Americans who use natural gas for heat pay an average of $649. Also a lot. The Efficient Windows Collaborative estimates that replacing aged double-pane windows with energy efficient windows can pare back your bill by 15% per year.

Okay, I’m in. What else do I need to consider when shopping around for replacement windows?

Look for windows that tilt inward for easy cleaning. Say goodbye to “I don’t do windows.”

Ask about triple-paned windows. These speed up your money-saving by using gas between the extra panes for insulation, usually argon or krypton. (No really, it’s called krypton. Superman lives.)

Fight leaks with sufficient flashing. Windows tend to leak from the top. To avoid this, look for a proper drip cap and have your siding fit tightly over it.

Consider your local climate. If you live in a cold, windy area, go for windows that are made to withstand low temperatures and high winds.

Finally, pull up your favorite chair and footstool, grab a mug of something delicious and a great book, put your feet up and enjoy your new view!

Buzz Off! 4 Ways to Keep Bugs Away From Your Windows

From ants to termites to box elders, no one wants bugs in their home. Unfortunately, there’s little a homeowner can do to make their home less appealing to insect pests. Almost any indoor environment provides the warmth and shelter bugs crave, even if you keep food sources stored away.

One key way bugs get into homes is through your home windows. Old or damaged residential windows provide small routes for bugs to creep indoors. Without the proper screens and seals, your windows can become pest highways.

Keep bugs outside where they belong. Here are four tips for blocking out would-be insect invaders:

1. Spray Screens With Insect Repellent

If your windows and screens are in good condition, but small insects still tend to cling to the surface, try spraying the screen with normal insect repellent. This step helps deter bugs from looking for any tiny gaps or unpreventable openings in the window. This method can also reduce the number of gnats and smaller bugs that might crawl through the screen. Add a layer of repellent every now and then to keep bugs at bay.

2. Use Caulk to Seal Cracks

Older windows might begin to separate from the casing or the walls of your home. Even very small gaps can create enough space for all kinds of insects to crawl through. Boost your insect defense by sealing these gaps with caulk. Start by cleaning dirt, debris, and old caulk from the area. Then, reapply, creating an even seal around the entire window.

3. Fix Screen Rips and Holes

If your window screens have gaps, bugs will certainly find their way inside. Use clear nail polish to mend smaller tears. You can also weave a larger piece of cut screen over bigger holes, or even replace mesh on the screen entirely.

3. Consider Replacement Windows

If your windows still let in bugs, as well as drafts or moisture, it might be time to get replacement windows. New windows can help keep out bugs, and they can even make your home more energy efficient. Contact local window installation services to learn more about pricing and frame options. On average, replacement costs between $300 and $700 per window.

With the right repellent, sealant, and screens, bugs will have a tough time getting into your home. However, even the best patches and fixes can’t make old windows new again. If you’re still struggling to keep creepy crawlies out, consider buying replacement windows. For more information, contact us as Best Windows today!

Out With The Old, In With The Airtight: How To Prepare For Replacement Window Installation

Anyone who lives in an older home knows the scourge of drafty windows. They make the summer hotter, the winter colder, and can increase your monthly energy bills by 10% to 25%. With such agonizing side effects, finally pulling the trigger and calling a home window company to replace the ineffective and ancient panes is a great relief. However, you now need to prepare for the inevitable construction; here are four ways to get ready.


    • Strip ’em down. Window treatments such as shades and blinds need to be taken down before any work can begin. Take care of this, in addition to the removal of any glass ornaments or decorations that may be hanging, before your installers arrive. Work will be able to begin immediately.


    • Clear space. Discuss with your installer how much space will be required to operate inside and outside the home for each window. You may need to move furniture, clear debris, and remove breakables from wall shelves or nearby cabinetry. Outside, ladders may be needed to reach over bushes and gardens.


    • Safety first. Make sure any children or pets are safely tucked (or locked) away from the construction. Accidents are called accidents for a reason; by being proactive and ensuring that no little ones or fur babies will come close to the contractors and their work, you can guarantee their safety.


  • Check the labels. Though uncommon, it’s possible that you may not have received the windows you ordered. In addition to checking for any damage (like cracks in the frame or broken glass), keep an eye for the labels that state these are the windows you’re looking for. Again, you most likely won’t encounter a mixup or mistake, but it’s always smart to be vigilant.


Installing windows is a messy, but ultimately worthwhile venture. Ordering replacement windows may seem like quite the ordeal, but when you consider the savings — both emotional and financial — you’ll come to realize that life with newly upgraded windows is simply better!


If you have any questions about installing windows, don’t hesitate to call Best Windows, Inc. at (708) 204-2446.