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How to Resolve Issues With Leaky Windows

Leaks around windows may allow air and moisture to flow into a home. Allowing air into the house can lead to significant heating and cooling expenses. Moisture leaks can also damage the walls and floors because they allow mold to grow. Replacement windows can resolve these structural problems.

Assessing Damage

Examining the interior and exterior of the home will provide important clues about damage. Damaged caulk will begin cracking and peeling away from around windows. This allows both air and water to enter the house, causing a breeding ground for mold.

Replacement Windows

Replacing windows will resolve leaks, often increasing energy efficiency with double or triple panes of glass. New windows also have innovative features such as argon gas between the panes and low-E coating to minimize solar energy in the home.

While it may be possible to repair some leaky windows, replacement windows are often the best solution. Windows are energy star rated, qualify for tax credit, and come with lifetime parts and labor warranty with Best Windows Inc. Not only do they enhance energy efficiency in the home but they also increase a home’s value.

Factors For Finding the Right Window Glazing

Window installation and replacement is eventually an issue most homeowners need to address. Of course, when replacing windows, the idea is that the new ones outperform the old. Selecting features like foam-filled window frames and sashes considerably improve insulation. But what’s the best choice in window glazing?

Performance evaluations for window glazing examine three qualities: how well the glazing insulates, how much light passes through it (visible transmittance, or VT), and how efficient it is at deflecting solar heat (solar heat gain coefficient, or SHGC). Triple-paned windows generally outperform double-paned ones on insulation and SHGC. Tint, on the other hand, affects all three measures. Most windows are gray – or bronze-tinted to allow in less light and heat. By comparison, blue and green window tints permit more light penetration.

The best choices for new window installation also factor in the home’s geographical location, the local climate, as well as the position, function, and directional orientation of the windows themselves. Southern exposure favors indoor plants, for example, but they strain to thrive behind windows with less than 70% VT. Different glazings may be better suited for the functions and locations of all the windows in a given home.

Key Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Home improvement projects such as siding and replacement windows are common because these areas of a residence tend to wear out over time from exposure to the elements. Choosing vinyl siding has a variety of benefits for the homeowner.


The price of vinyl tends to be lower than other types of siding. Other material options include fiber cement, wood, stucco, and aluminum. Homeowners who choose vinyl have a better chance of recouping initial costs with the resale of a house.


Repainting is not necessary with vinyl siding. Approximately once per year, consumers should clean the exterior of the house with water and mild soap.


This siding option is strong enough to resist damage from wind, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Many companies offer lifetime warranties for this product, along with vinyl replacement windows, which indicates its superior durability.


Vinyl siding is easier to install than other exterior materials, making it suitable for remodeling work on existing homes. The light weight of the panels makes them easy to install.

After weighing all the options for exterior siding, many consumers turn to vinyl as an affordable and attractive material.

Bay Versus Bow Windows: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Once upon a time, home windows were primarily functional,
protecting homes from harsh outdoor weather, letting light inside, and allowing residents a glimpse of the outdoors. But today’s bay windows and bow windows are as fashionable as they are functional, perfect for homeowners looking to show off their style.

Differences in Home Window Styles

Both bay and bow windows were designed to give the appearance of additional space to a room. While they’re very similar in design and function, there are a few key differences. Bay windows, which consist of a large picture window and a smaller window on each side, create a bit more interior floor space because they protrude further outside, but they’re not as wide as bow windows. Bow windows usually consist of four or five smaller window panels in a curved structure that creates a rounded appearance on the outside of the home. Bow windows don’t necessarily create more floor space, but they do typically let in more light than bay windows.

Choosing the Right Type of Window

Both types of windows work for most homes, but bay windows are commonly used in newer homes, while bow windows offer a more Victorian feel. Bow windows cost more because they’re made up of multiple custom home windows and the installation process is more complicated.

The “right” type for each home will depend on the homeowner’s budget and tastes. Contact a reputable home window installer to pick out the best windows for your home.

Increase the Value of Your Home and Install Replacement Home Windows

It’s great to have a house full of windows. They provide a lot of natural light and sunshine, which in turn creates a cheery, bright and open atmosphere in a living space. Although windows are usually designed and installed to last a long time, when they cause issues, eventually, getting replacement home windows is often the best choice. If you would like to decrease the amount of money you spend each year on heating and air conditioning, while updating the look of your home and increasing its value, finding a great set of replacement windows is a fantastic way to start.
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Receive a Free Dance Lesson with any Window Order

In case you are not aware of it, Best Windows is the supplier of some of the very best window replacements. We offer a wide variety of durable window types and frames. From bay to traditional, we can find the right replacement or new windows at the best prices possible. Imagine new or replacement windows that enhance the value of your home. They will let the light in, but keep out the drafts that too frequently make you feel chilly during the cold months.

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Window Replacement Companies: The Basics

If you have older windows, chances are they need to be replaced. Whether you are purchasing new windows or replacement ones will depend upon how much you are willing to spend, as well as other factors. These may be time, condition of the windows and its setting, compatibility between windows, the style of the home, and personal preference. Your choice of method may also depend upon the interaction with the window replacement companies you talk to.
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Why You Should Consider a new Window Installation

If you have a home, you want to be proud of how it looks. Its “curb appeal” is something that can bring you praise from your neighbors and visitors alike. While some think of curb appeal only refers to the landscaping, roof condition and the home façade, you should also be considering your windows. If they do not pass a visual inspection, it might just be time for a new window installation.
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Tips for Making the best Choice in Energy Efficient Windows

There are several signs to watch for in a home that will let you know it is time to start planning to upgrade your windows. At Best Windows, we tell our customers to watch for condensation on the windows, frost on the interior of the windows, problems in opening or closing windows, or obvious drafts around the frames.

If you notice these issues, you may be losing a lot of heat in the winter and cold air in the summer to the great outdoors. By upgrading to energy-saving windows, you can not only give your home a bright, new look but you can also help to save on your energy bills year after year. When replacing windows that are no longer efficient, you may find the savings are considerable, helping to pay for your upgrade over just a few years.
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