Common Causes of Home Window Damage


As with anything else in our home, we may eventually find our windows don’t perform as well as they once did. Sometimes, some form of deterioration that happens over time may cause it. Other times, it’s a more obvious, as well as instantaneous, form of damage. We explore a few of the most common forms of window damage.

1. Sudden Physical Impact

While this is the most obvious cause of window damage, it’s still one that we’ll make note of. Foreign objects such as rocks or heavy hail can cause immediate damage to a window, and this often calls for immediate replacement.

2. Weather Damage

Damage caused by weather can be immediate, or it can happen over time. As mentioned above, hail is one natural element that can quickly damage your window. Additionally, fluctuating temperatures can cause the windows to either shrink or expand. Moisture trapped in the wood due to rain can also lead to rotting that will damage the frame’s structure.

3. General Wear and Tear

Over time, our windows will wear down and eventually need replacement. High-quality windows will last longer, of course, but damage will still inevitably occur. Cracks may begin to develop either in the window’s frame or in the glass itself. We may also see the caulk or sealant begin to wear, although this is usually an easy fix.

4. Poor Installation

Unfortunately, a window that wasn’t installed properly can have a shorter lifespan. Incorrectly installed windows may have gaps between the frame and the walls, or it may be crooked and fail to open and close properly. This may eventually cause drafts, fog, and a decrease in overall energy efficiency.

The lifespan of your windows can be dramatically improved as a result of high-quality materials and proper installation. When you find a reliable company to help you achieve these things, you can prevent any headaches associated with your windows. Best Windows strives to provide quality work and stands as the best Chicago window replacement company. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today!