What Are Garden Windows?

Best Windows prides itself on supplying fantastic Kensington garden windows. If you’re looking for more information on garden windows, we’ve got you covered by outlining the basics below.

Garden Windows Explained

Garden windows are similar to bay windows, with a big difference being that garden windows are smaller and typically reside above a kitchen sink. Experts construct garden windows using a fully-welded PVC vinyl frame, making them rigorous.

Kensington garden windows are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to open up space and create a beautiful setting for decorations, plants, and more. These garden windows open 90 degrees and allow warm breezes in, and they also include a multi-point locking system that keeps the cold out of your home. Plus, it provides a tighter seal, ensuring peace of mind when it comes to security.

A Beautiful Addition to Your Home

Not all windows add that ‘pop’ to your home, but garden windows do. Garden windows enhance the peripheral view of your yard. The moon and the night sky will look gorgeous through the top slanted pane of glass. In fact, garden windows will let more light into your home in general, which can increase your productivity and boost morale.

Benefits for Herbs

An often-overlooked benefit of garden windows is that they promote the growth of fresh herbs. This is possible thanks to the added sunlight exposure that comes from garden windows. Different plants have different requirements when it comes to sunlight exposure and water, but garden windows can certainly help.

Design Options Are Endless

Garden windows are very versatile. For example, you can add potted plants to this space. Alternatively, you can decorate your kitchen space with several other items that will shine under the sunlight.

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