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Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Efficient Windows La Grange IL

Energy Efficient Windows La Grange ILWhen you are trying to find ways to help your household save money on an annual basis, you may want to take a look at your energy bills. You would be surprised at the amount of money that home owners waste as their heating and cooling seeps out of their existing window panes. Below are some important questions to take into consideration when you are considering energy efficient windows La Grange IL for you and your family.

What is insulated glass and how does it work?

The most interesting component of some types of energy efficient windows is the fact that they are made out of insulated glass. Essentially, these windows are comprised of 2 sheets of glass with air in between them, in comparison to regular windows that are generally made out of 1 sheet of glass. The air in between the panes helps to increase the thermal efficiency of the windows to prevent heat from transferring between outside and inside of your home.

What are gas-filled windows and are they different than insulated glass?

Another term that you may hear quite often when you begin looking into energy efficient windows La Grange IL is gas-filled windows. A gas-filled window is made much like an insulated window (with 2 panes of glass) but instead of regular air being in between the panes of glass, there is an inert gas such as argon. This helps to drastically increase the level of thermal efficiency that your windows experience.

Are U-Values and R-Values important?

For home owners that have never had to search for energy efficient windows before, you may hear the terms U-Values and R-Values being bounced around a lot. These two terms are generally used to explain how much insulation the particular window that you are interested in has to offer. If a window has a particularly high R-Value, that means that it is incredibly efficient. Whereas if it has a low U-Value, it may have a higher level of efficiency. When you speak with your chosen window installation expert, they will be able to help you find the right windows for your home.

Are energy efficient windows tinted?

In most circumstances, energy efficient windows La Grange IL are not tinted to where it is noticeable. Instead, it is an added feature that you can choose to have, if you desire. Depending on where your house is located and how the sun hits your home, you may or may not want to consider tinting.

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