How can Heat Mirror Technology benefit your home?

Heat Mirror technology utilizes lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (pet) film within the space between dual panes of insulating glass to create multiple super- insulating cavities.

By reducing the amount of air transfer through increased insulation, Heat Mirror will increase your overall insulation rating to R5 for your windows and reduce your energy use by doing so. This technology has been used in extreme conditions as well as more contemporary structures to provide much improved benefits over the standard dual pane design.

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Reduces Heat Emissions

Heat Mirror technology reduces the overall heat loss of your home or building structure with windows that potentially have an equal insulation to some walls. This allows designs to have more windows installed with less worry of increased heating cost enhancing your surroundings and reducing previous limits to your ideas.

UV Light Protection

Another improvement that heat mirror offers versus conventional window builds is that it can greatly reduce the impact of ultra-violet light going through windows.  This can help to help to guard the interior of your property from the harmful aspects of sunlight, but allow for the enjoyment of your windows.

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