Open The Window On New Savings


Have you been experiencing higher than average energy bills? Maybe there’s a draft that you’ve never been able to locate. If either of these statements is true you may be in the market for new windows, and not even know it! Commercial window installers are experts at being able to determine how to best improve energy efficiency should you ever need to replace business windows. There is any number of reasons which give merit to replacing the windows in a property. To replace business windows is probably more of an investment than home window replacement, however, the saving you see will make it worthwhile.

Energy efficient windows alone are probably not a good enough reason to go for a full blown window replacement or to replace business windows. To replace windows is an investment of finances and time in a property. Windows that are of quality and properly maintained can last 20 years OR LONGER depending upon construction materials.

Let Some Light In, But Keep The Cold Out

Windows are an access point into and out of any property. Drafty windows, for example, can increase an energy bill between 10 and 25 percent depending upon the amount of air allowed to escape. Dual-paned windows are around twice as effective at heat retention or air conditioning compared to single-paned windows.

Although investing in new windows can be a daunting expense, new windows might be a beneficial way to invest in a business property. Keeping the cold out or the warmth in is an important window aspect. Half of Americans that use natural gas for heating purposes report an average cost of $649; the Department of Energy also states that 45 percent of an energy bill is for heating. In general, 15 percent of an energy bill can be saved through window replacement for a 2,600 square foot space. Removing older double-paned windows switching to energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings account for this percentage according to the Efficient Windows Collaborative.

Businesses need to keep an eye on their finances. Every penny spent on needs to be seriously considered. However, choosing to replace business windows with a more energy efficient option can actually save money in the long run. As your business grows you may be looking for ways to invest back into your company. Consider creating a more energy efficient space in order to save money and save resources.