What can Serenity Glass Windows offer for your home?

Bring comfort and joy to your home with SERENITY SOUND CONTROL GLASS offered by KHPP Windows and Doors

Whether it’s the traffic from nearby roads or a loud neighbor, noise pollution is becoming a greater concern for many homeowners. The Serenity Sound Control Package enhances the joy of the indoors by combining the thermal performance of the Genesis’ South package with sound abatement.

Genesis Serenity Cutaway

(Available on Genesis Windows)

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Reduces Heat Emissions

Sound Transmission Class or STC is a rating of how well a building partition (window, door, wall, floor or ceiling) reduces airborne sound. The Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class or OITC rating system was designed to measure the transmission of street sounds (such as car horns, sirens, construction and low-flying airplanes). In both rating systems, the higher the number, the better the performance and greater enjoyment of the indoors

Our standard North or South Glass produces a STC Rating of 27 and OITC Rating of 22 while the Serenity Sound Control Glass delivers a STC Rating of 33 and OITC Rating of 27. Many traditional window systems rely on laminated glass surfaces to achieve performance values this high with an equally high cost. In comparison, KHPP utilizes “offset” glass to create superior achievement at an affordable price

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