Vinyl Frames and Replacement Windows


When you look at your windows, you know exactly what kind of effect they have on your home. If they do not suit the house or they look simply tired and worn, perhaps it is time for a replacement window. This becomes more urgent if the current windows are contributing to energy loss. At Best Windows, Inc., we can help you find the right window to suit your needs and match your home’s appearance.

Replacing a Window

We all understand that windows are an asset for our homes in so many ways. They provide us with a view of the world, even on the darkest days. They are sources of light and fresh air. They can act as a form of solar heating. They can give your home a distinguished, elegant, or welcoming look. Yet, they could also make your home look tired and worn out. More importantly, they can also be a source of energy loss. Inefficient windows can negatively affect the energy efficiency of your home.

If this is the case, we at Best Windows Inc., suggest you opt for a replacement window. This is one way of helping to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It is also a means of improving the overall appearance of your home.

Frames for a Replacement Window

The glass you choose is an important aspect of any replacement window choice. And selecting the frame is just as important. What materials are would you select to ensure your window is the best possible solution? Modern window frames are an integral part of the overall energy-efficiency equation. Today, you have a choice of different types of frames from which to choose. They include aluminum, composite, fiberglass, and wood. Yet, the most common and least expensive choice is vinyl.

Vinyl Replacement Window Frames

Vinyl frames, constructed of PVC with UV stabilizers are often chosen when it comes to replacement windows. They are favored for several reasons:

  • You do not have to paint them, as they come in several attractive and appropriate colors.
  • They possess strong moisture resistance.
  • Vinyl frames are hollow. This allows you to ensure they are filled with an insulating material.
  • They are energy-efficient.
  • They can be built to suit any size of window opening.
  • They are affordable. You can buy them for about half of what wooden frames cost.

Choosing a Replacement Window

Since vinyl frames for windows appeared in the 1970s, the number of companies providing them to their customers has increased substantially. Today, at Best Windows, Inc., you can shop confidently for quality vinyl frames at affordable prices. This helps make us the best choice for your pocket and your home when it comes to planning for a high-quality replacement window.