Ways to Prepare Your Home for Replacement Windows


Depending on the state of your current windows, poor installation may allow the winter cold to filter into your home. If you plan to schedule the appointment for your window replacement soon, know that you may want to do a few things before the contractors arrive. We list some steps you should take to prepare your windows for replacement.

1. Remove Curtains and Blinds

We recommend you remove any window hangings yourself before the contractors get to your home for the installation. Take down any curtains and blinds, and place them in a different area of your home.

2. Cover Your Furniture

It’s more likely than not that the installation process will cause some dust and debris to collect on any areas around your windows. To prevent any unnecessary cleaning, cover any furniture near the installation area.

3. Clear the Space

There shouldn’t be any objects near your windows that could break or cause the contractors to trip. Place any lamps, vases, or tables a safe distance away from your windows until the installation process is complete.

4. Allow Room for Equipment

The contractors who come to your home will bring the necessary equipment with them to complete the installation process. To make things more convenient for them, make sure you create enough space for them outside, so they can set up this equipment without having to move anything themselves.

5. Deactivate Any Alarms

Don’t give your contractors a scare by allowing any alarms to go off while they work. Remember to remove or disable any alarm systems before they arrive to prevent any distractions for the contractors or yourself.

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