What is a Bay Window?

While researching decorative additions for your home’s interior, you’ll likely stumble upon bay windows. You’re not alone if you find yourself asking, “What is a bay window?” This page will provide you with a better understanding of the characteristics of bay windows.

Bay Windows Explained

We can characterize bay windows by three or more connected windows that add light to a room. These windows add more floor space to the interior by extending from the wall into exterior space. Bay windows contain angular lines and flat planes—two features that complement modern homes.

How Are They Different from Bow Windows?

There are several differences between the bay and bow windows. Most of the differences between the two boil down to bow windows take up more space due to their rounded, wider appearance. Bay windows also complement modern homes while bow windows best suit Victorian-style homes.

Advantages of Bay Windows

If you’re wondering “What is a bay window going to do for my home?”—the answer is a lot! There are several reasons why bay windows are a welcome addition for Chicagoland homeowners. For starters, a bay window is a decorative solution. They help add light and livelihood to any room in your house. Bay window installation also costs significantly less than installing bow windows.

Bay Window Installation

At Best Windows, we can install tremendous Kensington bay windows. We can design them to accommodate multiple windows in several different finishes, window styles, and angles. Kensington also can make bay window installation possible with casement or double-hung window styles. Plus, you may qualify for a state or federal run incentive program if you install Energy Star Windows.

Bow Window Installation

Best Windows also specializes in bow window replacements, should you need that service. We’d love to provide you with a no-pressure, no-stress quote for window replacements.

We hope this gave you a better understanding of how bay windows work and how you can benefit from the installation.

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