What is a Casement Window?

You have your bay or bow windows, and now you’re looking for added ventilation. As such, you might come across search results for “what is a casement window.” These types of windows offer excellent ventilation and are also very energy-efficient. Here’s the scoop on casement windows.

The Basics

A casement window swings out from the side. While a professional can install one as a stand-alone window, it is typically a part of window installation. Casement windows best suit locations where you can’t easily push up a window sash, such as above a countertop or kitchen sink. In addition to ventilation, casement windows make it easier for users to clean from the inside. Casement windows are the only type of windows that fully open. Speaking of that…

How Does a Casement Window Open?

A casement window opens by rotating the sash on the inside of the house. A tensioning device holds the sash in place when it is completely open. A latch pulls the sash against the window frame’s weatherstripping when closed.

Kensington Kingston Casement Windows

The Kensington Kingston line of casement windows is among the best on the market. This line of windows provides a cost-effective, energy-reducing solution to improve the aesthetics of your home. Plus, these windows are easy to maintain.

Casement Windows Provide Major Upside

There are several benefits of casement windows. To begin with, they are some of the most energy-efficient windows on the market. Secondly, they are an ideal way to ventilate because they open from the side. Due to the window consisting of one sash, casement windows provide unobstructed views, as well. It’s no wonder they are a hit with Chicagoland homeowners.

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