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Window Replacement Burr Ridge ILAre you seeking an installer that offers reputable and affordable window replacement? Burr Ridge, IL natives have been turning to the experts at Best Windows for over 15 years. In addition to offering replacement window installation services, we also offer other services such as roofing, siding installation, patio creation and deck building. We can also help with your home improvement project.

When considering replacement windows, most understand that they’ll enjoy greater energy efficiency due to the fact that you’ll experience fewer drafts around the window. But many wonder how a window — which is mostly glass — can be made to be more energy efficient, as in the case of Energy Star windows.

Well, modern replacement windows are actually quite sophisticated. Most are double paned, which means there are two panes of glass, with a small gap between the two panes. This gap serves as an insulator for both temperature and noise. To enhance a window’s energy efficiency, many manufacturers inject a non-toxic, clear gas into the gap. Krypton and Argon gas are commonly used for this gas filling process.

In addition, your windows may feature low-e glass. Low-e glass features a special coating to improve energy efficiency by reflecting infrared rays of light and filtering ultraviolet light, which would otherwise heat your home and cause fading to upholstery, carpets, rugs, draperies and other items that are in direct sunlight.

Many windows also feature warm edge spacers, which are flexible strips that form to the edges of the glass to create a complete seal for the area between the double panes. They also keep the two panes of glass an equal distance apart.

The actual frame may also feature insulation to boost energy efficiency.

When installing replacement windows, you may wish to opt for Energy Star rated windows because they’re not just more energy efficient, but they’ll also qualify you for tax incentives as part of the federal program designed to promote the usage of Energy Star appliances, windows and other household components.

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