Window Replacement Companies: The Basics


If you have older windows, chances are they need to be replaced. Whether you are purchasing new windows or replacement ones will depend upon how much you are willing to spend, as well as other factors. These may be time, condition of the windows and its setting, compatibility between windows, the style of the home, and personal preference. Your choice of method may also depend upon the interaction with the window replacement companies you talk to.

Know What You Want

Before you even consider talking seriously to any of the many window replacement companies in your area, research your options. Ask yourself whether you want to:

  • Add storm windows
  • Purchase window film
  • Buy insulated window treatments
  • Purchase new windows
  • Buy replacement windows

These are your major options. You need to know what they involve, how much they cost and whether you can install them on your own or, instead, if you will need to hire someone. Do all this research before you talk to any company agents.

Research Window Replacement Companies Ahead of Time

Knowing what you want done is the easy part. Finding the right company to install the windows is harder. It is important to select the right company or you may find the windows are not reaching their full potential. Even worse, faulty installation can cost you more money down the road to repair or replace the windows.

Take the first step to finding the right window installation/replacement company by going online. Read their information. Use their email address or live chat to ask specific questions about their costs, type of work performed, licenses, insurance, references, awards, products and services.

This should provide you with a strong list of window replacement companies. Contact the references, talk to the Better Business Bureau about any complaints and read online reviews. This should narrow the list to a manageable few. You can then contact them online or in person to find out the quality of their customer service. You should ask about things such as:

  • Guarantees
  • Contract stipulations
  • Products they use
  • Types of windows they suggest or carry
  • Time lines
  • Number of employees required and if they are insured
  • Estimated cost for the work

Be sure to get a minimum of three estimates. They should be very specific in their pricing and clearly indicate the following important items:

  • What materials are being used by the window replacement companies
  • What products they are going to use
  • What materials are included in the overall price
  • How much labor is involved and included in the quoted price
  • The date (and time) the project will start
  • The date (and time) the project will finish
  • The estimated cost
  • How much is required before the job is started
  • How much must be paid by the completion date
  • When payments are due
  • What is under warranty and what is not
  • How long the warranty extends

Be sure you know the laws of your particular state. They may well have a bearing on certain matters pertaining to your contract.

If you are careful in the early stages of the selection process and continue to vet along the way, you should be able to eliminate many potential problems. You will be able to sign a contract feeling secure that you have chosen correctly from the many replacement window companies in your area.