Your Quick Guide to Common Window Styles


Window installation companies offer a huge variety of window styles. Though all windows keep out the cold while letting in the sunshine, different window shapes and mechanisms have been developed over decades to perform unique tasks.


According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of homeowners are planning on renovating at some point in the future. If you’re thinking about changing up the look of your home both inside and out, consider installing windows in a new style. Here are just a few common window designs that are a great investment:


Double-Hung Windows


If you don’t have double hung windows already, you should consider installing windows in this popular style right away. Why? Not only are double-hung windows affordable, but they are also convenient and attractive. Double-hung windows consist of an upper and lower sash (frame that surrounds the pane), and each can be raised and lowered. This style lets in plenty of light, is easy to clean, and looks good with nearly any architectural style.


Casement Windows

Rather than sliding up and down, casement windows open and close like doors on a hinge. This style was common before sash windows were invented, and is still popular in the U.K. Casement windows are considered more draft-resistant than double-hung windows, since the operator can crank the handle until the seal is tight. These windows are also better for keeping out intruders.

Bay Windows


Bay windows are the well-known and well-loved relics of castles from the English Renaissance. Once used in curved towers, bay windows today are simply a wide series of glass panes that extend beyond the contour of the building. Because bay windows jut out from the rest of a room, they allow much more light to enter the space. Used as centerpieces for sitting rooms and parlors, bay windows bring a sense of romance and finery to a space.


Fixed Windows


Fixed windows do not open, and instead, serve only decorative purposes. Because they don’t move, fixed windows can be formed in more exciting shapes, like circles or stars. Fixed windows are an excellent choice for letting light into rooms with high walls.


These are only a few styles and options available. If you’re thinking about installing windows, take the time to explore the wide world of window mechanisms and shapes. Talking to professional window companies and doing your own research can help you find the perfect style for your home!